Top 5 Best Portable Wood Planers


Some of the essential tools to have in your work area are the wood planers. Portable wood planer comes in different types. The vast arrays of wood planers give one the sovereignty to choose what best suits his or her purpose. It’s time wasting and bit costly to purchase a mediocre device which will automatically provide undesirable results. Having tried many portable wood planners, have decided to write this article which will serve as your all in one resource for information about best top five portable wood planners.

What is a portable wood planner?

Wood planers are tools which create wood boards of generally even thickness that are flat in size. They are relevant and helpful when perfectly beveling the edges of the doors.

A portable wood planner is designed in such a way that it can be moved from one place to another with much ease. They are cheaper and easy to use than other types of planers. Also, this type of wood planers has an investment return on costs within a short period of about one year. They are also helpful to the intended purpose because of their size.

Although the portable planers have numerous advantages, they have some disadvantages as well. Some models are noisy and have bit more rattling. Some are bulky and heavy in size.

Top 5 Best Portable wood planers

 There are many portable wood planers which can suit your need

in the market. Considering some research and statistics, here are the top five best wood planers which are most recommendable in the market:


  1. DeWalt DW680K


DeWalt DW680K is a very portable and highly efficient hand planer that is good for time-saving due it takes on large quantities of woods. DeWalt DW68OK leaves a smooth finish on the hardest woods. This strongness is because the Dewalt DW680K has a 7-amp motor that has 15,000 RPM operation. It also has a well-designed handle which is helpful in reduction of arms and hand stress.


  1. Delta 22-555 planer

Delta 22-555 planer

The Delta 22-555 is the most popular portable wood planner on the market today. It has the most robust motor which gives it the highest rate to all consumers of planers. Due to its robust motor, delta 22-555 planer can work with both hard and soft woods with much ease. With Delta 22-555 planer, it guarantees you safe by keeping lethal knives away from your hands. Its lock feature does its part automatically after finishing working with your woodcraft. Having a superb stock capacity which is worth the cost, it’s highly recommendable for businesses and personal use.

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  1. Delta Power Tools 22-590

Delta Power Tools 22-590

Due to its portability, operation, durability, and features, Delta Power Tools 22-590 have mostly all the best expectations one can get from portable wood planes. It has features which are adjustable with the width control and depths. It also has a patented lock which assists in removing sniping. Delta Power Tool 22-590 features a weight of 82 pounds with high durability feature.


  1. DeWalt DW735

DeWalt DW735

The DeWalt DW735 is an extremely powerful portable planer which has features that can handle an average of all woods. The 15-amp motor makes this wood planer to cut the hardwood as deep as possible. Its blades have high durability.


  1. Bosch 1594K

Bosch 1594K

The Bosch 1594K has adjustable and powerful blades. It has a 6.5-amp motor with 16,500 RPM operation. It’s easily adjustable, accurate depth and sound control makes it an impressive tool to use.


Portable wood planers like all other industrial wood planers must be handled carefully. They are detrimental when used by unskilled hands. They can easily cause sniping and tear outs. When choosing the best portable wood planer, one has to consider efficiency, use of use, thickness and stroke count.