How to Install Air Filter on Air Compressor?

An air compressor is a flexible source of powering a number of tools such as impact wrenches, nailers, paint sprayers and others. Most of the tools require dry and clean air. However, very few compressors include a filter. Using wet and dirty air will only reduce the life span of the compressor. As such, it is important to add a device that will get rid of this problem. It is here an air filter comes into the picture to help out. By installing a filter on the compressor, you will be able to enjoy clean, dry air and continue with your chores uninterruptedly.

Installation of the Air filter

First of all, accumulate parts that are necessary for adding the filter to the compressor. You will need a general purpose mini air filter, Brass Nipple (1/4” NPT x 2-1/2”), two quick connectors (1/4” NPT) and a Brass Tee (1/4” NPT), Teflon tape, soapy water. You will also need a pipe wrench and two crescent wrenches.


To start with, unplug the compressor and empty the air tank. Remove one of the factory installed connectors with the help of a crescent wrench. Wrap the male portion of the Tee using the Teflon tape. Thread the Tee on the filter. Make certain that you have installed the Tee on the filter’s output side.

Tighten the Tee reasonably on the filter using a crescent wrench. Wrap the male portion of the quick coupler using the Teflon tape. Thread the coupler on the Tee and tighten the connection with the help of two crescent wrenches.

Now wrap one end of the Nipple (Brass) with the Teflon tape and thread it on the output side of the compressor. Tighten this connection with a pipe wrench. Wrap the other side of the Brass Nipple with the Teflon tape; remove the bowl from the filter and thread the complete filter assembly on the Brass Nipple properly. Tighten the installation with hand.

After completing the installation, the bowl should be vertical. This is necessary for water to condense and collect at the bottom of the tank where it could be drained. Turn on the compressor, hook up a hose and pressure the gun; it should work fine.

If there is any problem, look for any improper fitting and leaks. Any imperfect fitting needs reinstallation or retightening. However, leaks need to be monitored in a different way, and it is here the soapy water comes in handy.

Put some soapy water on all connections and check for leakages. An air leakage will create bubble from the soapy water. Identify the leaks and fix it effectively before fitting a hose. That’s all; you have installed an air filter on your compressor and the machine is ready for usage.

Bottom line

Maintaining a compressor in good working condition is paramount for efficient execution of wood working and other chores. A single mistake in maintenance can be disastrous including bursting of the compressor tank due to moisture. However, you can get rid of this issue by adding a filter on your compressor. If you lack information on how to install air filter on the air compressor, read the above guidelines. With an effectively installed filter, you can enjoy the companionship of your compressor for years while delivering clean and dry compressed air for your projects.

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