How To Choose a Gas or Electric Hedge Trimmer

It is hard to imagine a beautiful garden, well-groomed hedges, neat house territory without the use of a hedge trimmer. This garden tool has become indispensable for all gardeners, both in private households and among professionals – landscape designers, landscapers and gardeners. Modern models of hedge trimmers can be safely called a universal garden tool. With its help, you can shape the hedge, shred the bushes, shape the crowns of small trees, trim the grass, especially in hard-to-reach places or areas with limited space, such as near a curb, under a bench, along a fence or along a house. Buy hedge trimmer – it’s not tricky, but how to properly choose a hedge trimmer depending on individual needs and tasks is another matter. In this article, we will look at the main types of garden hedge shears, which will make it easier to choose the right model.

Optimal will be divided garden hedge trimmers into three groups, depending on the type of engine tools: hedge trimmers rechargeable, hedge trimmers electric and gasoline powered hedge trimmers. The power of the hedge trimmer depends directly on the type of engine – this is one of the most basic performance indicators of a garden tool, besides one of the main selection criteria.

Gas Hedge Trimmer

The optimal choice for small area owners, working on a battery tool has a limited capacity battery life. For short sessions of work this will be the most suitable option. Cordless scissors – hedge trimmers have a lot of advantages, including mobility, light weight, environmental friendliness, as well as almost noiseless operation with minimal vibration. The tool is exceptionally easy to clean, practically does not require any special maintenance. A rechargeable hedge trimmer is the best choice when working with a tool will be a woman, an elderly person or a gardener who is banned from heavy physical activities, because it is very simple to operate, handle. However, it is worth considering that battery hedge trimmers are not cheap, more expensive than electric models. Due to the availability of modern lithium-ion batteries, in which there is no “memory effect”, the price of the instrument becomes higher.

Electric Hedge Trimmer

Electric brushcutter

The type is very similar to the battery type, but there is a significant difference – the tool is powered by an electrical network, which implies the presence of a power cord, respectively, the radius of operation depends on the length of the cord. If electricity is supplied in the subterranean area, you do not have a very large site, or the mobility of the tool is not a key parameter of choice, then the electric shears are your choice. They have a small weight, like the battery tool is absolutely harmless to the environment, besides they are more powerful than hedge trimmers on the battery. If you purchase an extension cord in advance, you can easily increase the working radius, opti- mally choosing an extension cable from 30 meters in length. It is worth noting that electrobrush is a more powerful tool than the one that works on the battery, respectively, more productive.

The most powerful models of hedge trimmers are equipped with gasoline engines. The high power of the tool assumes a significant weight, so we recommend that you pay attention to the ergonomics and design of the garden tool, so that even a long time of work does not cause unpleasant or painful sensations. It is desirable that the petrol hedge trimmer is equipped with a belt fastener, which will remove the load from the hands of the operator. Like battery hedge trimmers, tools with gasoline engines are mobile and do not limit the movement of the operator. A hedge trimmer with an internal combustion engine is a garden technique of a professional level, after all it is these models that are chosen for utilities workers, landscape designers, for working in large gardens and parks.