Hedge Trimmer Maintenance

On the eve of the summer season, lovers and owners of garden sites conduct a kind of revision about the presence and absence of the necessary tools. Among the leaders is a useful and greatly facilitating work tool like a hedge trimmer.

If it is absent, a further acquisition follows, but due to the wide choice in the USA market of a wide variety of mechanisms and models, it is not so easy to do.

The help of experts for consultation at purchase will be required. But you can prepare yourself and already at home to identify possible options.

Types and purpose of the instrument

Cutters are called garden tools, which can cut large plants, bushes and branches.

With its help, you can take care of fruit-bearing trees, put in order the hedges, and also clear the thickets. Outwardly this tool is similar to the usual scissors with sharp blades and long handles.

But today there are several varieties of this, simple at first glance, tool.

Thus, the following types of hedge trimmers are distinguished:

  1. Scissors hedge trimmers are used for cutting large stems of plants and small shrubs. For more intensive work, they are not intended.
  2. Battery models – run on batteries, each of which can last for an hour. It is a “blade with a motor” without any cords and extra refills.
  3. Electric – can only be used in dry and windless weather, since all work here comes from electricity and sockets. As an advantage, one can distinguish between the noiselessness of the instrument, its performance and environmental safety.
  4. Gasoline units – differ in their high power, so they are often used in industrial activities. They have a lot of weight and a little overpriced. However, these two factors can not cross out the positive aspects in the form of usage without being tied to the outlet, as well as independence from weather conditions.

Electric Hedge Trimmer Maintenance

According to its principle and specific usage, the hedge trimmer is similar to a pruner. But, according to experts and manufacturers, these two instruments have very distinctive characteristics.

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What is the difference: we highlight the advantages

In cottages for pruning branches often use secateurs. It is also a kind of scissors, which can be by now mechanical, battery and electric.


If you compare the pruner and hedge trimmer, then there are some differences:

  1. First, the largest mechanical hedge trimmer has a length of 50 cm with a blade length of at least 25 cm. This advantage in length makes it possible to use a tool for cutting tall trees. With a secateur, this is almost impossible to achieve.
  2. Secondly, the pruner has a perfectly flat blade, which is sharpened at an angle so sharp that it can cut branches up to 3 cm thick. As for the hedge trimmer, its blades have teeth or undulating surfaces.

Mechanical tools

The choice of manual hedge trimmer directly depends on its further use.

If you do not have to cut off thick branches or stiff stems, then you can opt for the usual manual “scissors”. Their advantages are in the low cost and high degree of safety, as you will regulate and feel the incision of the stem.

If we talk about the shortcomings of a mechanical tool, we can distinguish low productivity, because you will carry out all work manually, and therefore not so quickly in comparison with electric models.

Moreover, you sometimes need to stretch out if necessary to cut a tree branch on its top. It is not convenient to conduct such actions.