Best Hedge Trimmer: The Best Hedge Trimmers to Buy

Beautiful bushes and flower beds – a real decoration and an integral element of the garden plot. But in order to make the plants happy with their appearance, it is necessary to keep an eye on their “hairdo” all the time, carrying out a regular haircut. And help in this modern garden hairdressers – hedge trimmers, which will give the shrubs the right shape and get rid of unnecessary branches without much effort.

A beginner gardener may have a question – why buy a garden hedge trimmer? Why can not do with mechanical scissors? They cost less, in fuel and electricity do not need. All this is true, but with the help of scissors it is possible to provide care to a small garden in which there are several bushes. But the owners of large plots can not avoid buying a hedge trimmer. This reliable tool will help to cope with a large amount of work and with all kinds of plants.

The hedge trimmer for the garden will allow you to work 10 times faster than conventional mechanical scissors! This is a tool for those who value their strength and time.

Another advantage in using the hedge trimmer is that unlike scissors it does not split the tips of the branches, so they heal much faster, like here:

With the help of a hedge trimmer, you can create very interesting original forms of bushes. Professionals of their craft sometimes create real masterpieces of art – beautiful figures of animals, people and even entire compositions. Contemplation of them in their garden brings great aesthetic pleasure.

How to choose a hedge trimmer?

How to choose a brush cutter

  • Type of hedge trimmer – tools of the first type in their appearance resemble a trimmer or motocos. The main elements of the design are the engine, the cutting head and the rods, which transmit the torque. The cutting head is basically a circular saw. Hedge trimmers of the second type are the scraper knives (motor-scissors), the basis of which is the engine, which communicates with the saw headset. Saw headsets are knives that move in both directions in the same plane. Also allocate battery scissors, which provide mobility when working on large areas. All types of garden shears are great for shaping, processing and leveling shrubs, hedges.
  • Power – this depends on the operating time and the quality of the cut. If
    the site does not differ in size, and the bushes have thin branches, you can buy a hedge trimmer with a power of up to 500 watts. And the owners of large areas are better to buy a tool with a capacity of 800 watts.
  • Length of the blade (tires) – the longer the knife, the larger the area of ​​the bush you can grab and the less time it takes to get a haircut. Also, a long blade will make it easier to reach the tops of bushes. But to choose hedge trimmers with a tire length of more than 40 cm is not worth it, because they are heavier and vibrate heavily.
    Blades can be one-sided and two-sided. The latter allow you to create unusual forms of shrubs, but in handling them require special skills.
  • Width of the teeth – close-fitting teeth ensure an ideal haircut, and wide-set ones are better able to cope with thick branches, although the cut itself is quite rough.