Benefits Of a Salt Water Swimming Pool


In order to maintain the pool sanitation, the pool owners are using the saltwater pools. They help in reducing the level of harmful microorganisms present in the pool. These microorganisms if not treated well can cause harmful health hazards on the swimmers.

They also affect the quality of the pool water. While some pool sanitizers also help in the burning of the oxidants like body oil, urine. As well as sunscreen applied by the swimmers for sanitation purposes. A salt water pool is a pool that produces its own chlorine naturally due to the presence of the compound in the salt that carry out a process of electrolysis.


Chlorine is one of the essential chemicals which is required to clean and purify the swimming pool. Unlike its name this pool is not the simple salt water rather it helps in the chlorination by natural production of the chlorine. There are lot of misconceptions about the salt water pool that it is a chemical free one and also it is not authentic to use such kind of water systems as they are often contaminated due to low maintenance.

There are a lot of advantages that the salt water pool offers to the swimmers. Due to its benefits, they are gaining much popularity. They are in great demand these days. Though they have certain disadvantages too. Like due to their alkaline nature the pH levels goes up and the addition of acid is a mandatory thing each week for these pools. Yet like a coin has two sides similarly these salt systems too contains a lot of positive things and are good to use as compared to the traditional pools. Here is the list of the advantages of the salt water pool.

Quite gentle on eyes

A lot of people are sensitive towards the chlorine levels. They might encounter problems such as burning eyes, inflammation on the skin, eye swelling etc after undergoing the activity of swimming. However in these pools the level of chlorine is quite less, therefore, it doesn’t harm the skin or eyes. There is no itchy feeling or any kind of dryness in the hair that is often caused by the traditional chlorinated water.

As chlorinated water often causes a lot of health risks, these salt water systems are not at all harmful. The best thing is that this kind of pools produces the same amount of disinfectants to clean the pool like the ones produced by the chlorinated pool. The water too produces a very soft touch. Unlike the corrosive nature of chlorine, the water helps in producing a smooth and silky touch.

Low Maintenance

The salt water system itself produces the accurate amount of chlorine through a natural process. This, in turn, reduces the cost of maintenance of the pool. The pool can be automatically cleaned as the cells will naturally produce chlorine.

Cost Effective Chemicals

The chemicals that are used to clean the salt water pool require less expensive chemicals. Another thing is that the quantity of chemicals is quite less as compared to a traditional pool with chlorinated water. Therefore, it’s a cost effective method to use pools that contains salt water. Also, the storage of these chemicals doesn’t require any kind of precaution. One can easily store the salt in any pot.

Very Convenient

It has been observed that these water systems are easy to use and are quite convenient. Due to its low maintenance policy most of the pool owners prefer this kind of pool in their residential properties.

No Requirement of Chlorine Transportation

It appears through salt water systems you are creating a small factory of chlorine inside your pool.

Therefore, the salt water pools have a much larger prospect of soon taking over the conventional pools full of chlorine. They hold a lot of advantages and can be used for convenience. These pools are not only cost effective but are also good for the health and skin of the person.