3 Best Food Processors 2019


Food processors are one of the most popular varieties of household appliances, characterized by a very wide functionality. Typically, this unit is equipped with a bowl with a grinder, vegetable cutter, a significant number of nozzles, which are designed to facilitate cooking, make it faster and more convenient.

Food processor selection criteria

Power directly affects the number of options in a food processor. If you need a multifunctional unit, its power should be from 800 to 1000 watts.

The number of speed modes makes it possible to choose the most optimal way of processing products in the combine. For the grinder, 1-2 speeds will be enough, while more complex models should be equipped with the function of choosing the desired speed.

The combine harvester consists, as a rule, of a certain number of nozzles. The more of them, the more multifunctional the device is considered. Do not forget that for many models the necessary nozzles can be purchased additionally, without overpaying initially for unnecessary features.

Additional functions (pulse mode, power-on lock) will significantly improve the usability of the combine, although they are not considered priority when choosing.

Bosch MUM52120

Bosch MUM52120 Köksmaskin bäst i test
Source: ibraborg.com

The classic 800 Watt harvester is equipped with a 2.3 L main bowl and a 1 L blender bowl. The bowls are made of transparent plastic, a scale of the volume of contents is applied to the walls, which allows you to dose and control the cooking process.

A good set of knives makes the device multifunctional – the MultiLevel6 universal knife with 6 blades, double-sided disks for shredding and grater, a nozzle for whipping cream and kneading dough.

Additionally, a small mill is included in the kit, with which you quickly grind a portion of coffee beans or spices.


  • multifunctional;
  • compact sizes;
  • nozzles are stored in a bowl;
  • Eco-friendly plastic parts without Bisphenol A.


  • noisy works.

Kenwood Classic Chef KM336

Kenwood Classic Chef KM336 test

This food processors is characterized by ease of assembly and, as a result, reliability and durability. It has small dimensions, due to which the equipment can be conveniently used even in a small kitchen.

Electronic speed control. The bowl for crushed products is made of stainless steel, has significant dimensions – about 4.5 liters.

The case is made of high-quality silver plastic, there are no backlashes. The power of the device is 900 watts. Three nozzles for the bowl are provided in the kit – a regular whisk for a cool dough, and also a nozzle in the shape of the letter K for high-quality mixing of products.

In addition, there is a metal meat grinder. The volume of the blender is one and a half liters, it is equipped with a protection system against accidental switching on, a juicer and a press for citrus fruits are provided.

The housing has a special lockable compartment for storing the supply wire.


  • There are suction cups that do not allow sliding on the table;
  • All functions work reliably;
  • Attractive appearance;
  • Quality gears in all mechanisms.


  • Stir dough not too well mixed;
  • Part of the vegetables when using a grater is not rubbed.

Kenwood Major Titanium KMM060

Kenwood Major Titanium KMM060 bäst i test

The best food processor for 2019 is the Kenwood KMM060, which has a capacity of 1000 watts. This is more than enough for a 4.3-liter bowl. The kit includes many useful tips, including a 3-disk food processor.

You can cook a juicer, there is a separate citrus press. Despite the fact that the case is made of plastic, the device has a long service life, low weight and ease of maintenance. A powerful motor at the same time opens up multi-possibilities when working with a wide variety of food products.

Implemented 8 speeds. The bowl is made of stainless steel. Holds up to 0.8 kilograms of thick dough. It is worth adding that the kit includes a branded K-shaped accessory for cooking cutlets, pastes, etc.


  • nozzle quality;
  • optimal performance;
  • extensive scope of application;
  • simplicity in operation;
  • functionality.


  • not found.

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